Mandy Hatfield

I'm Mandy

I'm a wife, a proud mother of two amazing kids, and a God-fearing Christian.

During my teenage years, I received a diagnosis of hypoglycemia and was warned that I would develop diabetes by the age of 20 if I didn't make some dietary changes.

I made a few adjustments, but it wasn't until after getting married and having children that I strongly desired to pursue something of my own.

That's when I researched various sweeteners and gluten-free flour options, and started experimenting with different baking techniques.

During this time, I created the gluten-free fudge round, which remains one of our best-selling products to this day.

Over the past seven years, I've dedicated myself to baking and developing recipes using gluten-free flours, dairy-free alternatives, natural sweeteners, and egg-free substitutes.

While my business caters to individuals with allergies and food sensitivities, it's equally focused on promoting overall health and using high-quality, clean ingredients to create wholesome desserts.

After all, we all deserve to enjoy delicious treats without compromising our well-being!

I co-manage the business with my beloved mother and closest companion. She is truly exceptional. Together, we form an outstanding team. I conceptualize the recipes and ideas, while she transforms them into something truly remarkable.

Mandy Hatfield

Meet my mom, Cheryl

Allow me to introduce my mom, Cheryl. She is not only a devoted wife, but also a loving mother to two grown girls and a proud grandmother to six adorable grandkids.

Baking has been her passion throughout her life, but it wasn't until I developed multiple food sensitivities that she considered joining a gluten-free bakery.

Now, she embraces the challenge of creating delectable desserts that are allergen-friendly.

In addition to her culinary expertise, Cheryl plays a vital role behind the scenes at the bakery.

When she isn't busy in the kitchen, she finds joy in reading, cooking, tending to her garden, caring for her chickens, and cherishing quality time with her family.